The third dimension of hand technology

The rapid development of the industrial sector in the world forces service providers to improve processes carried out in companies constantly. In the electroplating industry, improvement has to be understood in many different contexts. In the ELBIT group of companies, it is implemented in the following areas:

  • improvement of customer relations
  • shortening the service delivery time
  • continuous improvement of the quality of services provided
  • implementation of technologies that are as least burdensome as possible for the work and natural environment

To reduce the technological gap between Polish companies and foreign providers of similar services, we have started cooperation with the University of Silesia. It aims to improve both the coating production technology and the properties of the galvanic coatings themselves.

Through active and fruitful cooperation with scientific and research units, we want to give electroplating a “third dimension” based on the latest discoveries of nanotechnology, which creates unlimited possibilities for modifying structures so that they exhibit excellent physical and chemical properties.
We hope that the above activities will lead to Elbit providing services at the highest level. Thus, we will offer products intended for particular applications, saving resources, reducing pollutant emissions, and, most importantly, increasing satisfaction with our cooperation.

I unite my regards,
Dr. Tamara Śliwińska
Research and Development Director