Our coatings are not only protective but also have a positive effect on the aesthetics of individual articles. Silver plating is a way to apply a uniform and durable anti-corrosion coating and achieve an exceptionally pleasing visual effect. For this reason, this method is used not only in the widely understood jewellery and numismatics but also in other industrial sectors – also in the electrotechnical and electrochemical industries, where silvering is accompanied by the possibility of increasing the resistance of a given element.

We offer the following silvering methods (taking into account the specifics of their use):

  • electroplating of small items made of steel, copper and copper alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys, on a backing of copper, silver or nickel;
  • technical with gloss and high depth, made on hangers and in rotary devices;
  • hard – silver coating with antimony content;
  • chemical printed circuits.

Thus, silver plating serves to both increase and improve the properties of a given material (e.g. its conductivity), extend the service life (resistance to corrosion and deterioration), and significantly improve aesthetics. In addition, we also offer our customers surface finishing by using passivation as a definitive treatment. An essential feature of this process is that passivated coatings do not lose their electrical properties and are widely used as decorative and protective coatings, mainly for jewellery and tableware, and as protective and technical coatings in electronics. Silvering, at all its stages, is carried out in drums, goblets and pendants.
The method we propose allows you to protect the following elements with a protective coating:

  • contacts for the power industry,
  • decorative jewellery,
  • numismatics,
  • furniture finishing elements (plinths, cupboard handles, decorative elements etc.).

Thanks to the extensive facilities, we provide all services on time.