Nickel plating

The wide range of possibilities offered by nickel plating of steel and other metals makes it one of the most popular services. We carry out the process with the use of drums or hangers – in both cases, we use only the highest quality solutions from manufacturers recognised in the industry. The selection of the technique always takes place after detailed consultations with the client and taking into account his individual needs.

One of the electroplating services we offer is electroplating nickel plating, which in many cases is an integral part of all coatings. The obtained nickel coating is distinguished by high gloss and smoothing properties. The smoothing effect is visible even with relatively thin layers. Therefore, even parts with complex shapes obtain an even shine. The embedded layers are flexible and allow components to be mechanically formed. The procedure of coating elements with a nickel layer is also often used as a basis for subsequent electroplating processes.
The coating obtained as a result of electroplating is characterised by high corrosion resistance. A particularly distinctive feature is the possibility of getting a high gloss and a very smooth surface (even with thin layers).

The process of electrolytic nickel plating of metals is used for:

  • parts made of aluminium or made of an alloy of this material,
  • stainless steel elements,
  • brass details,
  • copper and copper alloy parts.

Our service is used for elements used in the electronics industry, mining, machine industry, etc.