What is gilding?

It is one of the processes of galvanisation, i.e. the formation of metal coatings on the surface of objects. It is used primarily in the electrical and electrotechnical industry, including for coating contacts and printed circuits. It is a frequently used procedure due to the precious metal’s unique properties, both in terms of use and aesthetics. Different gilding methods are used depending on the type of surface.

We offer to gild:

  • Hard electrolytic baths in weak-acid baths – produced by the Institute of Precision Mechanics, enabling the production of nickel or cobalt doped coatings with increased abrasion resistance (contact gold). Coatings made with this technique usually contain a small number of other metals. The method offers the advantages of greater strength and better electrical conductivity.
  • Electrolytic in acid baths – enables gilding of stainless steels without using a nickel primer and without losing the surface gloss.
  • Soft electroplating – allows the deposition of a 99.99% pure gold coating of any thickness.

We provide gilding services on hangers and rotary devices. Galvanised items are appropriately prepared for this process to guarantee an even, smooth layer and its best bond with the coated substrate.