We present information on the electroplating process. It is the formation of thin metallic coatings adhering closely to various materials. The ELBIT company deals with the electroplating of details made of metals. Coatings are applied using electrolytic and chemical methods. We constantly analyse the market of available electroplating technologies to offer our services the latest available technical solutions and implement technologies in the company that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

What can we achieve using this modern technology?

First of all, the galvanised surface gains more excellent corrosion resistance, and it is also less susceptible to abrasion and other mechanical damage. The possibility of a significant improvement in electrical and thermal parameters, depending on the needs and application of details, is also a great advantage. Electroplating is also one of the methods of definitive treatment of more information used for decorative purposes.
Electroplating is a modern technology that is one of the essential elements of various industries. Galvanic coatings are used primarily in electronics and electrical engineering in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering industries. They are perfect for the construction, mining and energy industries and the food industry. However, this service is highly versatile and can also be used in other sectors. So let’s get acquainted with the services provided by Elbit.

The galvanisation works performed by us include mainly:

  • gilding,
  • silver plating,
  • chemical nickel plating,
  • nickel plating,
  • tinning,
  • copper plating,
  • chemical gilding,
  • rhodium plating,
  • black nickel,
  • ruthenium,

The Elbit Group also deals with a specific form of electroplating, it is:

  • anodising,
  • aluminium colouring,
  • hard anodising

Anodizing is based on the production of an aluminium oxide layer, and it is an excellent way to improve the hardness of aluminium and protect it against corrosion. We offer a wide range of colours for the aluminium colouring process.
If you would like to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to choose the optimal offer and make an individual quote to meet your expectations. We provide technical advice, reliability, punctuality and complete professionalism. It is worth taking advantage of the knowledge and experience that we have been gaining since 1991.