Development prospects

We strive to offer our recipients a complete service, ranging from technical advice at the stage of selecting the appropriate coating, preparing the detail for electroplating, selecting the material from which the piece can be made so that the layer meets the customer’s expectations. And at the same time does not create unnecessary production costs of given details.

We offer full service in galvanic coatings, surface preparation, and the application of additional protective coatings. The service quality is confirmed by a report on the measurements carried out using modern control and measurement devices. We develop the company using EU funds to purchase innovative and contemporary measuring instruments to improve the competitiveness of our company in the European market.

Shortly, we plan to implement new technologies to improve our services’ quality and be more environmentally friendly. Among other things, we are working on the implementation of antimicrobial coatings on aluminium and its alloys.

The expected results of the implementation are:

  • For the customer – increased safety due to the non-proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms on objects used in public space while maintaining other features of the anodising process, such as corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, aesthetic values.
  • For a company – offering an innovative service on the global market, leading to an increase in the company’s competitiveness.

The activity in the Silesian Nanotechnology Cluster started in March 2013, is aimed at using the achievements in the field of nanotechnology to improve the properties of electroplated coatings.

We constantly monitor and identify the latest development trends. However, a significant moment for the company’s development towards research and development was November 2012, when we signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Silesia represented by the Vice-Rector for Science and Cooperation with the Economy. This allows us to independently design and manufacture electroplating lines with all accessories and guarantees that the deadlines for service delivery are independent of external suppliers.

In addition, we are a company that values ​​the loyalty and knowledge of our employees, as evidenced by the low rotation of employment. Thanks to permanent work, our employees have become experts in the field of electroplating.