Black nickel

We offer a unique service in the field of electroplating, which is black nickel plating. This process is much less used than galvanic nickel plating of bright, silvery-white colour coatings. We use proven technologies imported from Germany. As a result, we obtain a transparent, perfectly black layer. Due to the relatively low resistance to mechanical damage, it is used only for decorative purposes.

Nickel coating is not recommended as a protective layer, but it is perfect for decoration or highlighting elements. It is used in this way, among other things, in the furniture and haberdashery industries and the optical and precision drives.

We use galvanic nickel plating in our work, and we carry out the procedure in drums and on hangers. Thanks to this, we achieve the perfect effect – the object is completely covered with a coating without any stains, unevenness, blemishes.