The Elbit Group offers its customers anodising (anodising) of aluminium elements and general cargo.

This process involves the electrolytic treatment of metal (mainly aluminium and its alloys), which leads to an aluminium oxide layer forming on it. It is used to harden the surface and protect the metal surface against corrosion. Anodizing can also be used for decorative purposes or to create an insulating layer on an aluminium detail. The surface prepared in this way is pleasing to the touch, increasing the comfort of using specific products.

Details made of aluminium-containing minimal amounts of alloying additives are covered with a colourless oxide layer. At the same time, aluminium, which contains large amounts of additives such as manganese, silicon or copper, have a grey oxide layer. After soft anodising, the oxide coating thickness is 5 ÷ 25 microns, and after hard anodising 25 ÷ 120 microns (depending on the type of aluminium alloy).

Application: Soft coatings are used for decorative purposes, increasing mechanical resistance, creating a dielectric layer.

Hard coatings are used when exceptionally high corrosion resistance is required.

How is the whole process going?

In the beginning, the material is degreased and rinsed. Next, the aluminium is etched, or chemical polishing is applied. We chose the appropriate method as expected. The elements prepared in this way are rinsed again and then anodised. If the customer has ordered elements in a specific colour, we additionally carry out the dyeing process. The final stage of the anodising process is sealing the coating. Details are filled in using two methods. One of them is the so-called cold sealing, and the other is based on hot water.

Most often, materials made in this technology are used in the automotive, furniture and food industries and optics (black colouring). We often anodise the housings of various electrical and electronic devices, e.g. printers, meters, loudspeakers, etc.

We encourage you to use our services. We guarantee the use of the most modern technologies, very high quality, timely execution of the ordered products, attractive prices and, most importantly, friendly and professional service.