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Glass blasting is a surface treatment process similar to sandblasting, and the difference is that glass beads are used instead of sand grains. Thanks to this, the surface after bead blasting is not torn and sharpened as in the case of sandblasting, but it is homogeneous.

Bead blasting is an excellent alternative to polishing. However, you should be aware that the surface after bead blasting is not shiny but has a silky satin semi-gloss. Unfortunately, it reveals any defects in the casting, such as microcracks or pits. Glass blasting is ideal for cleaning aluminium elements. However, we also offer glass blasting of details made of other materials.

Application: Glass blasting of aluminium elements is especially recommended in the optical industry and for measuring devices.

Coating thickness measurements

We measure the thickness of the coatings using the X-Strata 920 Mini Well X-ray spectrometer and the EDXRF Explorer 5000 XRF. We confirm the test results with a test report. Tests are carried out using certified measurement standards.